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Zara Lindiwe: Sound & Web

District of Columbia -> LA, California

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  • University of California, Los Angeles:
      Updating soon

  • Montgomery College & Wheaton High School Dual Enrollment:
     -CSMC110 | Computer Concepts (Grade: A)
     -TECH272 | Professional Website Dev. (Grade: A)
     -NWIT105 | Intro to Cloud Computing (Grade: A)
     -TECH276 | JavaScript Fundamentals (Grade: In Progress)
     -CMAP120 | Intro to Computer Applications (Grade: In Progress)

  • Girls Who Code Self-Paced Program:
     Cybersecurity (Python)

  • Independent Web Design & Development:
     Student Member of the Board Candidate Campaign Team
     Independent, Personal Sites
     (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

  • Science National Honor Society

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Skills Developing in: Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Lua, Bash, jQuery

Skills Developing in: Google Workspace, Data Research, Microsoft 365, Construct 2 & 3, Unity, Blender, Roblox Studio

Relevant Certifications

  • AWS Educate: Machine Learning Foundations
    Utilized AWS SageMaker and Jupyter.
    Learned machine learning pipeline, artifical intelligence foundations, and machine learning foundations.

  • AWS Academy: Cloud Foundations
    Enhance understanding and apply cloud concepts, security, architecture knowledge, and support through graded labs & assignments.
    Set up network servers, configure and adjust instances, scale databases, create VPCs, run bash commands, adjust network flow & privacy, add subnets into the availability zones, monitor and mitigate CPU performance, and ultimately deploy databases & servers.

  • AWS Educate: Cloud Introduction to Cloud 101 & Girls Who Code: Cybersecurity
    Created various educational and research cybersecurity (e.g. data breaches, prevention) projects on Replit in Python.
    Learned the pillars of cybersecurity as well as measures professionals take to increase security.
    Researched a databreach and wrote takeaways (e.g. how we can improve future measures, how to best inform the public to prevent data insecurities).

  • NYU Music Industry Essentials Certificate
    Developed music industry projects including artist marketing plans, historic artist influence research, stage designs, and studio floor plans.
    Learned about various facets of the music industry including recording industry history, finance, image building & marketing, record production, and music ownership.

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